We Meet, We Engage, We Belong

Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op conducted a survey of over 200 participants to submit and vote on their preference for a tag line which would encapsulate the spirit and vision of the Co-Op. “We Meet, We Engage, We Belong” was the most popular.

Here are the results of the survey

Tick two taglines which resonate best for you for what the Kyneton and District
Town Square Co-Op is here to do.
Can you think of something better? Add your own 3-5 word tagline in the text
box below
Bringing diverse groups together
We meet, We engage, We belong
A Place to Meet
Our Meeting Place
The Heart of Our Community
We meet, engage, belong
The new democracy
Kyneton Green
Love has no conditions
Education opportunity for young people
By community for Community
Community space for Everyone
A Place for community sharing
The Centre of our Community
Thinking outside the square
By the people, for the people
Where we meet, engage, belong
Community empowerment centre
A place to be connected
Staying healthy by engaging with others