Ten Minute Town

Imagine a Kyneton where you can move around as a pedestrian or cyclist in safety, comfort, and ease within 10 minutes.

The Ten Minute Town vision steadfastly preserves existing town boundaries, bringing life to the centre of our town. This solution accommodates population increase within Kyneton while protecting economic viability, livability, and cherished rural spirit.

Our work ethic

We’re here to help create a Kyneton township that supports urban design that prioritises pedestrian, cycling, and public transport, over private vehicle use. We want to see a Kyneton community that moves and keeps our streets alive and thriving.

The Pedestrian walks.

The Cyclist rides.

Public Transport
The Public Transport moves a mass of people.

Streets alive and thriving
Increasing and prioritising these modes of transport improves our town and our lives.

Meet our amazing Ten Minute Town folk

We’re a dedicated group of local individuals interested in urban design, active transport, land-use planning, and all niches in between. Get to know us and Kyneton!

Lenka Thompson

Active Transport

Lenka has a goal of getting all of Kyneton moving.

Rob Bakes


Rob wants smart solutions to growing towns that enliven our town centre.


Stakeholder Engagement

Peter wants everyone to know about the 10 Minute Town concept and is not afraid to show it.

Get involved today!

With heads aligned to getting unnecessary cars off our streets and more people on the footpaths and bike lanes, we can truly build something very special here in Kyneton.

We challenge the assumption that growth requires expanding boundaries into the Structure Plan’s investigation areas. Instead, we can achieve sustainable development through creative strategies focused inward. This empowers Kyneton to grow on our own terms, retaining what residents value most about our town. The Ten Minute Town Square provides a compelling model for resident-driven planning.

The Ten Minute Town Working Group was established to implement the vision of the Ten Minute Town. This group generally meets on Mondays at the Kyneton Library between 12-1pm.

Amongst other things the group is currently dissecting and preparing a submission for the Kyneton Movement strategy (due by May 13th).

Here are two other links to the relevant Council documents: The first is quite large (160 odd pages) Draft Kyneton Movement Network Study

This is much shorter but a good summary: Kyneton Draft Movement Study- March 2024 Council Meeting excerpt.

Go to the Co-Op Forum to register any ideas or comments you may have about the Ten Minute Town or the Kyneton Movement stategy.

Phone or message Lenka Thompson, 0425 786 377