Rock and Ranges Brewing Co-operative

We’ve established a community-owned, democratically-controlled (non-distributing) brewing co- operative in the Macedon Ranges. To promote social enterprise, empower community, encourage environmental sustainability and, importantly, make great local beer. 

The Kyneton & District Town Square project is of great interest to us on many levels. As a fellow co-operative, we share our 7 principles, that’s important to us. On a much simpler level our ethos ‘(Beer’s) better together’ speaks to the heart of this proposal. A vibrant town square precinct that through participation and co-operation becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. 

Beyond the commercial and economic contribution, we hope to make via tenancy, we would like to take an active role in advocacy and building a collaborative culture with the other partners in this undertaking. 

As an organisation we have co-op behaviours, one of which is social responsibility. We see our role in a few facets; 

1. Creating employment & educational opportunities. 

Our initial outline for the proposed space is unique, not a large production or manufacturing facility but a safe and approachable studio for members, staff and the general public to enjoy authentic brewing encounters. Innovation with our proposed german engineered plant equipment will be mobile to maximise flexibility and provide hands-on experiences. 

2. Social engagement 

One of the motivations in starting our co-operative was to create a social pathway that we see as increasingly fragmented in regional areas for a raft of reasons. We want a ‘place’ for people to belong, and as share-holders and owners, a reason for people to come. By providing flexibility in that engagement and disarming that over a beer, we continue to reach some of those we think need it most. 

Rock & Ranges Brewing Co-operative Ltd PO BOX 135 WOODEND VIC 3442 e: w: 

3. AOD responsibilities 

It is no coincidence that our two core beers (Dark Mild & Quiet American) are mid-strength (ABV 3.5%). We don’t deny the social ills alcohol can inflict on our communities, nor do we shirk our responsibilities to provide leadership. We’ll seek licensing hours accordingly, with a majority of our activity during the day light hours. We promote beer as a journey, rather than a destination. We encourage drinking as an accent of the activity or experience rather than the main event and when enjoyed responsibly can help bring people together. 

Another of our shared behaviours is Innovation, and while we do seek to do things differently, it is our links with the past that excite us about the Town Square project. Just a couple of blocks away, was in the 1800’s the home of the Kyneton Brewing & Malting Company, owned by the still local McKenna family. We spoken to the family, done our research and planned something special, that by rights should only be made in Kyneton. 

We’ve been engaged in the Kyneton Town Square discussion since the beginning and support the community taking an active role in creating this unique shared space. We’re excited at the prospect of being involved, contributing and finally bringing brewing back to Kyneton.

Luke Spielvogel Chair, on behalf of the Board ROCK & RANGES BREWING CO-OPERATIVE LTD