WT Jones and sons

This is a delightful historical bridge at Malmsbury, it became the only access road  to land  north of the village, it was cut off because of the Coliban River and the freeway. The bridge had a very low load limit due to the way it was built, Three steel H sections spanning  the bridge buttresses. Stone was split and slotted into the H sections, bitumen was poured over the stone and gravel and road metal laid over the top to form the road. Vic Roads asked us to make the load limit capable of taking a B double truck but leaving all the historical features. They were happy for the steel and stone to be removed, we objected to that and convinced them that the most cost effective way to update the bridge was to leave the existing structure. We stripped the balustrades, poured a 250MM concrete slab over the top of the bridge then put all the stone back. You would not know that we had been there.

Over the years we have renovated a wide variety of buildings.   We have restored early settler’s cottages and shed’s, using the materials available in the immediate vicinity. This creates restorations that are sympathetic to the original structures. We have also worked on the restoration of many highly decorative and ornate buildings that exist around Victoria.

One of the lost skills in the restoration and renovation of heritage masonry is the preparation and use of hydronic lime.  On a building site in days gone by, the first task was to prepare lime.  This lime would have been in rock form and needed curing before use. This process takes up to three months to.  We are sensitive to the “living nature” of hydronic lime and use it in our restorations of Victoria’s beautiful heritage buildings.

WT Jones and sons are a local and independent stone masonry business offering the widest range of masonry skills in Australia. WT Jones and sons specialise in Bluestone restoration and maintenance, and their skill in building with Bluestone is unsurpassed. WT Jones and sons have the expertise to work with all types of stone and are experienced at building new houses, architectural and sculptural features, as well as maintenance and restoration of heritage buildings. They also have extensive experience with government contracting and Occupational Health and Safety.

Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op (K&DTSC)

The purpose of the Co-Op as outlined in the constitution is that the organisation “will promote strong community, based on values of broad engagement and mutuality, by creating a publicly-owned Town Square in the heart of Kyneton for the public benefit of Kyneton and district residents”.

The vision of the Co-Op is to:

  • Provide affordable, or freely available, indoor and outdoor space for a broad range of community groups and community activities.
  • Maintenance and protection of heritage values.
  • A place of collective belonging and connection. Open, accessible, and flexible public space.
  • Shared community responsibility based on control of the precinct by a democratic organisation.
  • Support for community driven and socially worthwhile initiatives. Strongly engaged community across all age groups to promote broad inclusion.
  • Commercial use of the precinct by the Co-Op to create cash flow for the nurturing, and the promotion, of public good and benefit
  • Aim to meet everyone’s needs without harming the living world or the prosperity of future generations

Duration of MOU

  • This is a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WT Jones and sons and K&DTSC.
  • The MOU will apply from the date of signingand will continue to apply until termination by either party on the giving of 1 month’s written notice to the other.


  • WT Jones and sons and K&DTSC are committed to maintaining a positive and cooperative working relationship.
  • As part of the parties’ mutual commitment, WT Jones and sons and K&DTSC will act in accordance with the spirit and intent of this MOU, even though neither party intends that it be legally binding.


WT Jones and sons has been a key supporter of the Kyneton Town Square Co-op since its conception and remain committed to the restoration and maintenance of the old bluestone buildings, as well as the provision of probono advice and support.

Expected Outcomes

The aim of this MOU is to set up collaboration between WT Jones and sons and K&DTSC. The community, through the Co-Op, will be responsible for the maintenance or the school buildings. This collaborative agreement will create the basis for probono advice and help from WT Jones for this maintenance and other work on the bluestone buildings and the 1980’s cream brick extension.

Roles and Responsibilities

This agreement will be overseen by a two person advisory committee consisting of a member of each organisation meeting at least once a year.

The committee will:

  • make recommendations to the Board of the Town Square Co-Op.
  • Investigate and develop ways in which the success of the Town Square Project and proper maintenance of the historic bluestone section of the school can be enhanced by support of WT Jones and sons.

Advertising and announcements

Unless required by law, an announcement, circular or other public disclosure including promotional materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers or annual reports, referring to the contents or subject matter of this MOU, must not be made or permitted by a party without the prior approval of the other party.


The parties acknowledge that information disclosed by one party to the other (the disclosing party) in the course of the subject matter of this MOU may be confidential and unless required by law must not be disclosed to a third party except with the prior written consent of the disclosing party.

Dispute resolution

  • If a dispute or difference arises between the parties out of or in connection with this MOU, either party may give the other a written notice specifying the dispute or difference.
  • Within 7 days of the date of the notice, a person holding a position of senior management of each party must meet and undertake negotiations in good faith and on a without prejudice basis with a view to resolving the dispute or difference.


The parties may agree to vary any of the requirements of this MOU. Such agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.