Board Member Resumes

Rob Bakes

My wife Judith and I moved from Melbourne to settle on the outskirts of Kyneton thirty years ago. My involvement in the community push for a town Square in the heart of Kyneton began three years ago and, since then, I have never wavered from my commitment to this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. An opportunity to hand on a valuable legacy to future generations of Kyneton residents.

For most of my working life I have run small businesses. Now in semi-retirement, I devote a big slice of my time to activism centred around community, climate, ecological breakdown and democratic renewal.

Helen Selvalingam

Originally from a small community in country NSW. After studying various courses, graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Studies (Paramedics). Moved to Melbourne in 2005 after gaining employment as a paramedic with The Metropolitan Ambulance Service (now Ambulance Victoria). In 2015, moved to Kyneton with my husband looking for a community to raise a family. We have since had two children. 

I put my name into the Sortition for the KDTSC board because it was a great avenue to get involved. Creating a community-controlled hub in a central location is just too valuable an opportunity to miss.

Huntly Barton

My name is Huntly Barton, l have lived in the Kyneton area for most of my life. I have been part of a community effort to save the old Primary school for future generations. We have had great success, stopping the State Govt from selling the site and declaring it Crown Land. Out of this struggle our community has created a Co. Op the Kyneton & District Town Square Hub Co OP(KDTSH). of which l am a member.

After three years of inactivity the State Govt has announced EOI for the site, we have asked for a delay in the process due to Covit 19, they have given us a 1 month extension, 1st June?. I doubt that there is any groups who can meet the terms of reference put down by the govt. The only way the community will get control of the site, is for the whole community to work together. If we do not work together it will make it easy for the Govt to farm out the site to an outside provider.

This site presents countless opportunities for future generations of Kynetonians and the Co OP is the perfect vehicle to manage it. Our elected members at all levels of govt have forgotten how to instruct the bureaucracy, it is time that we show them how to do it.

Maxine McKee

My primary objective is to assist youth in engaging in creative pursuits both individually and collaboratively with all ages with the intention to create independence and wellbeing.

I have taught Studio Arts in a variety of schools, including my own, in the Macedon ranges for 30 years. I maintain a professional Arts Practice in Kyneton in my own Studio Gallery. My family are professionals in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Filmmaking.

The Town Square Hub a vital addition to this community and will create a heart in the Town for us all and should be owned and developed by the community.

Peter Henderson

Married with 3 Children

Resided in the Kyneton District for 45 years

Business owner since 2011 – LP Gas Businesses in Kyneton and Bendigo

Previous employment – Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas, Various roles from 1994 to 2011 including East Coast Manager for Branches and Gas appliance sales

Initial reference group member looking to save the Old Primary School, Founding member of the Steering Committee looking at potential bodies to manage the Site.

My goal is to see the Old Kyneton Primary School retained for Community use for future generations.

Susi Fox

Susi Fox is a local GP, counsellor and author who joined the Board of the Kyneton and District Town Square Co-op as she is determined that the Old Primary School stay in the hands of the whole community, accessible to, and meeting the needs of, all Kyneton and district locals. She is particularly interested in how this building can meet the healthcare and creative needs of the Kyneton community.

Teaote Davies

Although Teaote Davies is a new member to the Co-Op board and also new to Kyneton she’s a very proud resident of this Bluestone building town. Coming from a background where the community is the backbone of any village, a very valuable asset to everyone, a community can be called upon to stand together to put their shoulders to the wheel when needed. She loves that community spirit. The campaign to save the Kyneton School Building on Baynton Street is a great cause to be a part of. She hopes that the School House stays in the hands of the community where the Kynetonians can huddle together under the school roof sipping a cup of tea and proudly say, “we delivered and saved this school from the hands of Bureaucracy”.