What could happen in the Town Square?

The following  are the uncut suggestions which people added to the ideas  which were already listed in the Co-Op survey

Any idea that competes with existing business, some of which are nearing oversupply, are unfair to existing businesses e.g. accomodation, cafe, artspace The CERES idea is ill suited to a develloped site in the centre of a town, CERES idea requires a natural site e.g. along the river and is like bringing coal to Newcastle in an essentially rural town. Ideas that require regular supervission by people having working with children and criminal checks require a big regular committment by qualified people and have the potential to cause staffing issues. Insurance, duty of care, safety and secutity must be considered. Many of these ideas above are impratical long term. U3A is well established and has outgrown it’s current site, I like this idea as they have existing structure. Many of these ideas need to be workshopped as they have far too many potential complications and costs. Locate the council toy library here and refurb the soft fall play area. It should be noted that there are many vacant shops available in Kyneton, any permanent retail ideas are probably not sustainable. Any idea involving groups of young people needs to be very well supervised as this has the potential to cause problems unless very well organised. Please find an example of where these types of ideas have actually worked. While we are on the subject, please expand your horizons to make Kyneton safer. The intersection of Jennings and Mollison streets is experiencing more and more foot and vehicle traffic.It is predictable that soon a pedestrian will be hit as vehicles turning from Mollinson street often fail to see pedestrians crossing behind cars stopped in Jennings street, the bus also stops pedestrian vision. Vehicles experience difficulty exiting Jennings street. A sensible solution would be to remove the pedestrian crossing and replace it with traffic lights controlling the Jennings -Mollinson Streets intersection. This would greatly improve pedestrian and vehicle saftey

  • My first thought is housing but it could be used as an RMIT or University campus with tasteful student accommodation. I feel that what ever happens to this area it must totally fund the upkeep and maintenance of the area. Lots of small users are not going to fund the maintenance that would be required. The additional population or resident students could revitalise the High St/Mollison Rd area which is under utilised from midday Saturday to Monday.
  • Inclusive Art Therapy and Expressive Arts studio supporting multimodal creative expression for the whole community. Similar to Melbourne Art Therapy Studio in Abbotsford Convent.
  • There are many possibilities…but most importantly this site remains in positive community control. Great result at MRSC meeting last night.
  • A mix of public & private use to the benefit of all residents and the environment would be ideal. Extend the library, ensuring it contains conference spaces, available to community groups after hours (for free) with sufficient equipment for presentations & events & storage for belongings. Currently many beneficial community groups have no space in town in which to congregate. This would solve this predicament. Extending the library would also ensure it is large enough to cater for Kyneton’s ever expanding population. Dedicating the remainder of the space to environmental needs would align with the unique make up and vision of the Macedon Ranges Council and support the state governments education and jobs priorities. For the rest of the site… dedicate it to the conservation, restoration and maintenance of the natural ecosystem focusing on land, farming, agriculture, plants and wildlife. It can be a space where study, research & activities can take place. For example, horticulural and agricultural Tafe courses can be facilitated here. Environmental research can take place. The Kyneton Horticultural Society and Friends of Botanic Gardens can meet there and hold their events. This would be great for the environment residents, culture, and tourism. It would also inject money into town. Another big plus is it aligns supports the state governments efforts to close the skills gap shortages in these areas. It’s a win for all if council sees fit to support these initiatives. I would also expect private enterprise to work alongside these areas such as a cafe and boutique goods/services for sale and offer.
  • Education and meeting space for community groups (and paying users to supplement maintenance costs). Grounds as community space. Not enough parking for large community events.
  • Motogymkhana area. Easily accommodated on existing and any future carpark area. Look it up folks it teaches motorbike skills and makes for better, safer motorists. Just needs the car park area made available for regular use.
  • Lots of good ideas here for the limited space available. There should be a broad discussion with a view to uses that facilitate community as a priority over commerce, and don’t over commit – especially need to be careful not to bring in uses that dominate such that the open community vision is pushed aside. There needs to be a balance between an open, welcoming space and one in which community resources can be stored safely by appropriate user groups.
  • None of the above. Kyneton has plenty of spaces where these activities can take place already. There are numerous under-utilised buildings owned by council and churches. They just need to be better coordinated. I do not want my rates to be spent on this project. It is a waste of money. Land is expensive in this town. It is also a precious resource. The site should be redeveloped for medium density housing to provide housing diversity and affordable housing options close to the shops, and commercial facilities where people do not need to have a car to carry out their every day activities. Shock horror! How dare I make such an outlandish suggestion. I do not want to see this town outwardly expand without seeing infill development as well. It is a waste of land. It is a waste of productive farming land. We need to support farmers by buying their produce locally instead of encouraging them to sell the farm for superannuation. Kyneton is going to grow to approx 10,000 people. Kyneton south will end up being developed with shops to support the new community. The old town will die if we don’t increase density and make it vibrant. The existing shops can hardly stay in business because people don’t shop locally enough. All we see is cafes. We need shops that sell goods and services as well. Put your energy into a streetscape improvement plan instead. The town looks dowdy. Make council look north for a while instead of spending all its time thinking about Gisbourne and Woodend.
  • Non Community, non council run or managed commercially viable business.

Transform the space into a mini version of CERES, which is an iconic institution located in Brunswick East ● Lots of brilliant ideas. Some ideas I love but not on the site, such as indoor skating, bowling, basketball. Some things double up existing community needs such as commercial kitchen. Tourism centre, bike hire great location. Flexible use spaces best for all age groups. Keep great play equipment, such a great space for kids and add kitchen community garden. Bigger kids use basketball ring but not whole court. The wall is great for tennis, ball games. Love the markets idea, AAA position for it. Co-ordinating with existing town groups for all ages workshops/conference brilliant & strengthens the use and purpose for site. Some ideas such as accomodation seem overly costly to comply for safety.

  • Interested individuals and community groups should be invited to put up proposals for use of any part or parts of the buildings and site. This could include any proposals for shared use with other groups or individuals. Each proposal should show: * who the proponents are, * how the facilities are to be used, * for what purpose(s), * who will be responsible for the on-going management of the proposed activity, * how the proposal will enrich the community and promote use of the site by community members and the public, * sustainability of the proposed use (including financial sustainability), and * how the proposal will add to the viability of the town square, including financial viability and the preservation, care and maintenance of the site.                                                                                                              ● Facilities for existing Kyneton & District clubs and organisations to be able to hold monthly or other regular periods club meetings within a community centre, This could provide established long term facilities for club operations, Same or similar spaces for organisations to run workshops, training sessions conferences that would bring visitors to Kyneton Paid serviced secretarial facilities for organisations Sustainable Building Design and training ● All of the above would be worthy uses….. with a focus on general purpose shared spaces where possible. Unfortunately, gardens use up a lot of space that could probably be found elsewhere in the community on undeveloped land. ● Is this survey written by feminists? Womens shed, mechanics for girls. FFS ● Children’s activities should predominantly be kept within the schools. This FORMER school site should be for ALL the community. It should also be financially self-sustaining so a full cost benefit analysis is required. There should be NO sports facilities (skateboard, etc.). There are numerous sporting facilities dotted throughout the Shire. ● If the Town Square is to incorporate a theatre space, then there need to be generous-sized rooms that can easily be used as rehearsal space for groups to rent at an affordable price. ● The space should welcome all ages and stages of the Kyneton Community and visitors alike. Each person whether man woman or child should leave the space with new and useful knowledge,experience,produce or objects. Half of the “Town Square” should be semi-permanent and the rest of the spaces should be for semi-permanent or short stay use, Space must be allocated for health activities such as accupuncture,Yoga,etc. No part of the “Town Square” should be given over permanently to one activity so the whole project can maintain it’s freshness and variety. Every person in Kyneton should feel happy to go there. If an already existing space is available for an activity e.g.Skateboarding ( Kyneton Showgrounds SkatePark) the enquirer should be directed towards this. ● housing ● Whilst I don’t have any new use ideas there doesn’t seem to be any questions in the survey regarding ongoing funding. Surely initial and ongoing funding is critical to achieve any of the communities desires and this will likely require some commercial activity. ● Midwinter festival on the site, bit like Dark Mofo ● I would like to see the traditional trades idea expanded beyond a workshop area to enable significant and diverse integration of this concept into the plan going forward. ● I love a lot of these ideas. Many of them simply require access to cheap (free!) space to come together. I think a multipurpose space which could house workshops, markets, lessons, events etc. is a great idea. I think the only way this space will survive is if there is a commercially viable and active business focus. There needs to be a focus on making it attractive to a cafe, nursery, wine shop, gift shop, book store area so these businesses can pay rent and ensure the future of the site.● A night time space where people can congregate – late night food trucks, live bands maybe, performance space – we need something for evenings and late nights till midnight to cater for youth and older generations that want Kyneton to become an entertainment hub aswell. ● I think the space is best used for a range of businesses, similar to The Barlow in Santa Rosa, California that generates money in a tasteful and community focused way. I hope that from the successful running of good businesses at the space we have money to invest in great spaces that support community activities. I do stress the need for good business to run here though so that the space has guaranteed income ● Lots of great ideas already…I think it would be good to have somewhere for events, festivals and markets to occur and the school is a perfect site linking with the mechanics institute etc. I would like to see a focus on including the Aboriginal community and knowledge into the hub. It seems like there are lots of cafes already, but they do tend to be handy when people are attending other things. Perhaps the social foundry would like to move into the space? ● Social enterprise incubator as well as business one ● Private Enterprise ● Idea of Pizza Oven and or bbq facility made/built as a workshop or course by the community then utilised by the proposed cafe. Can also be utilised as food stall at weekly or monthly flea market or farmers market (if moved to site). Benefits are teaching food prep, basic business management, team work, food handling certificate, gardening, horticulture incorporating vege garden, herbs, produce grown on site etc as the toppings and used in kitchen for cafe as well. Carpentry courses perhaps in making an outdoor seating and table area. Incorporating local businesses and Men’s Shed to assist in running these proposed courses and perhaps with supply of materials also. Maybe run courses on weekends and during School Holidays rather than during school terms to involve teens, youngsters and parents alike ● Area for food truck festival ● Small movie theatre for families/ teenagers. ● Involve refugees… maybe several could come to Kyneton for a few days (stay in a home), give workshops, demos in their crafts eg basket weaving from local materials, decorating outer walls as in some African villages, making brooms, brushes, mats, small hand tools…also games… Making musical instruments (drums, strings, horns from local materials) – also Caribbean instruments: steel drums, strings from teachests – for reggae, ska, rock steady… wow…!!! Interactions /exchange skills etc between various ethnic groups incl indigenous Australians – maybe coming to K once every month, or 2 months…including storytelling, incl. accounts of their refugee / migrant experiences… these could be recorded to become part of a historic archive… in time such first-hand accounts will become part of A’s national heritage and refugees, migrants etc will see that they are much valued members of this nation… that’s how integration works – it’s a 2 way street: they give… we give… Also I suggest you involve the man who runs the Auction Room art gallery (opposite the laundromat and near IGA on Mollison St.). He seems to be v practical, hands on, business-like yet with a keen aesthetic sense… could have ideas for landscaping, workrooms… Upstairs maybe several rooms for people to stay (eg short-term such as those traveling to K to give workshops…) Fold-up deck chairs that people can open up to sit on in preferred spots outside: under a tree, next to a sunny wall, in the shade etc…to read, think, write, snooze, relax/ vague-out, inner escape, talk to others etc. When finished, fold up deck chair and take back to storage space (maybe near the bike storage). A volunteer could monitor with wise benevolence, so these ‘leisure items’ continue for the common good… And yes, varieties of music, incl. world music…bring it on… ● The farmers market should move here – more space, allow for food trucks to join too. At winter the current farmers market site is too messy and dangerous (potential to slip over in mud is not good for the elderly and vulnerable eg pregnant women). A children’s hub should also be included- house the Toy Library, play group, maternal health centre, kindergarten and occasional care. ● Put a car parking along the bowling club/park side of the school. Look to the future Kyneton is not getting any smaller. Fence off the school and use for the community. ● It would be terrific to have an indoor rollerblading / rollerskating rink in Kyneton. This is a fun and fitness activity for children and adults alike and helps to keep youth off the streets. My husband and I drive to Bendigo twice a week to rollerblade at ‘The Zone’ Family entertainment center and experience first hand how many people enjoy this sport. Any smooth surface from timber flooring to concrete is suitable. If the school has an indoor sports hall there would be no set-up costs involved as it could be most likely used in its current state. People who now travel to Bendigo or Melbourne for this activity would come to the Kyneton skating rink and this would have a flow-on effect for local businesses, especially cafes. Should this suggestion be of any interest, I would be more than happy to be involved in making it a reality and provide free lessons from beginners to intermediate and advanced to anyone interested. I can be contacted via email at trudy@thekeep.com.au ● A safe place for youth to connect. Including many ideas already suggested such as homework area with fast internet, parcore, bike riding, playground etc ● Used by heath care professionals such as drs and pharmacists to run health education programs. Such as < smoking diabetes asthma and hbp ● Classrooms for local TAFE classes U3A After school program ● Basketball courts for future NBA players such as Matthew Paterson ● Shops with good clothes for youth ● Cinemas ● Youth Space. Place for young people to hang out. ● Life hack and building area ● Surely serious thought should be given to appropriate relocation of our kindergarten? Redevelopment of a downstairs area of the existing brick building would lend itself to some imaginative and appropriate planning for our growing population of preschoolers??? Also thought for access to parking for parents??? ● Prefer social enterprise incubator rather than business incubator. Occasional child care may be useful for parents doing activities at the centre. Weekly produce swap (including seedlings, seeds, etc.) Seed library. Craft area for fibre and other crafts. ● We don’t need any more markets! The Horticultural Society needs a new home where monthly meetings are held, ongoing plant sales and a hall to host 2 flower shows annually. As well as creating a space where schools can participate in growing things. ● collectible/comic book shop teenager hang out space ● My thoughts are to ensure that no one activity/organisation/individual is allowed to dominate in either an administrative sense or in terms of coveting space available. Keep things as fluid as possible to ensure new ideas can be taken on board and that the space can evolve along with current community requirements. ● After School Activity Centre courses and w/end. Gardening program for vege patch and planting around the heritage trees.Teaches landscaping and basic gardening skills Use as a course so whoever participates is paying for it via the course lesson. Involve local businesses ie hairdressing workshop, motor mechanics for girls (basic course in car maintenance). Music workshops. Baking/Food Prep. Maybe workshops in bricklaying, pottery, craft. Anything that gives the kids something they are interested in a place to nurture and build on their talent. ● Painting workshop etc. Once a month or whatever let them sell their items and/or produce at the Flea Market. That way everything is interconnected and will have a flow on effect. Might even assist in a career choice down the track or a hobby to enhance on later in life. Another thought is connected to the once a month/week lunches on a wednesday? at the Mechanics Hall, food prep course every Tues afternoon teaching the kids the cooking skills in readiness for something that already exists again that interconnection thing. Same goes at Christmas time for Lunch. Combining existing events with new participation and sharing of ideas. Grow the veg, cook the veg, use for existing community lunches. Different course or workshop to cover each section from ground to table. Just a thought. Oh and by the way not just for kids. Adults might like the w/end option workshop too ● Rehearsal space ● Maintain existing open space : In my view OPEN SPACE is the most valuable quality or function of a town square, any town square, anywhere ! And this is precisely what Kyneton does not have at the present time – an open landscaped area which would give the town a “heart”. Think of any notable town square in Australia or elsewhere in the world ! It would be so easy to lose this aspect, by devoting existing open space to any number of commendable community functions – but once gone, if it involves the construction of a permanent structure or facility – it is gone for good. Virtually no going back. A beautifully landscaped, foot traficable only garden, would be my priority one for the Kyneton Town Square, with vehicle access limited to delivery only – which could double up for disabled persons drop off to the existing buildings. ● I think this space should be a multi-purpose space which represents & enriches the Kyneton community. This is an opportunity to have a place where people can rent space to showcase their talent, attend classes to learn new things, start a small local business, attend community events & celebrations and meet like minded people. I think it should be something like a Community Cultural & Learning center which will encompass most of the ideas above. To assign a specific function will limit how much the community can engage & use the space. Ps. I think a more diverse segment of the community should also have a role in the steering committee. ● Youth `/ adults local orchestra free rehearshal and performing space Children, youth and adult local choirs free rehearsal andperforming space Community music school with classes and free regular public presentations TED type of informative talks space on topics that affect the community locally and-or globally. Justice of Peace space Free legal advice Terra Madre outlet Library space WITHOUT WIFI for children Space for regular talks and action groups on the state of the local community from local doctors, teachers, council, police, churches, charities, social workiers, artists, youth, public transport, etc Citizens space providing locals with a knowledge of the constitution under which they are living and their responsabilities and rights Academia space to share in freedom new ways of life, inventions etc Traditional and modern dancing free rehearsal spaces Cosy spaces just to be warmly seated in peace next to others without consuming , just reading, observing, helping, etc Space to coordinate the community for voluntary community needed tasks, similar l to life savers at the beach but here for all town issues ● Build, make form an Icon or mural. Unique to Kyneton. Make it substantial. Along the lines of the big Marino in Goulburn, Fish at Adaminaby etc. ● A community education area for more than just lost trades ● i think it is very important that women can have ashed where they can socialise and learn new & handy skills ● Space for informal parents group meetings A piano and sheet music for affordable/volunteer-based music lessons Community art competitions ● Volunteer English language conversation classes Other supports for migrants and refugees ● Cinema (small-scale) ● Renting bicycles [for both tourists and locals] Walking Groups ● In question 2 you only provided agree or disagree options. I sit firmly on the fence. Yes, community ownership would be good, however, I am also very concerned that the space is not constrained by the various competing interests and politicisation that can create blockages and barriers. Often, when too many community groups get involved things get bogged down in trying to be everything to everyone. I have previously been involved with the St Helliers project at Abottsford Convent. It has a clear purpose and defined sense of self – and this has helped create long-term sustained success for the precinct. The space is interesting to visit. It is professional. Not ‘amatuerish’. It is a space where people are drawn to visit, not just a self-serving space for the few who are involved. This is what we should strive for in Kyneton. Identify what will make the place unique and build a business model and solid communication plan around it. Please don’t waste a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something special by trying to please everyone. Success will come from clarity and bravery. ● Space for pop up shops Quality food vans Not just day time activities – small wine bar for evening, Movie space, maybe outdoors for summer ● Repair Cafe ● Bike riding area, lego competition, a camp, solving mysteries, singing + (instruments) area, food making competition. ● All ● open space in the centre of Kyneton. definitely not car park ● Dog club ● A combination of private businesses, extended parking area, and community space. Community activities should be able to be done here, but there needs to be parking infrastructure as the parking around whoolsworth is already full. Spaces should be multipurpose whenever possible, I.e an open air amphitheatre that can also host summer outdoor movie nights. ● community cooking lessons * Kyneton Botanical Gardens gardening group (the council has no money and no interest in the embarrassingly neglected KBG, and needs volunteers under expert supervision to make it a garden worth spending time in, with seasonal flower beds, etc.) * keep the basketball courts and organise informal pick-up games and teams, just for fun, not for competition * if there isn’t enough interest in basketball, organise informal games and teams in other sports: for those who want exercise and camaraderie but are not serious about sport, or are too old for competitive teams * free, or nearly free, courses taught by volunteers on any subject under the sun * regular talks on interesting subjects by inspiring speakers (somewhat like the Free Thinkers group but with more intelligently selected speakers ● Solar Farm ● Co-op bulk foods store (I.e foods bought in bulk then sold onto the consumer at bulk food prices…byo container)
  • ● Community co op bulk food store (nuts, grains, Lentils, dried fruit ect) ● Flea market, car boot, trash and treasure, farmer’s market space/area. Function venue. ● Would love to see the basketball court areas used for market space (makers/farmers) and food trucks in evenings etc. ● Area for the aged care facilities (eg RM Begg) to use for work shops ● Small business incubator Alternative secondary schooling (? Resource centre / common meeting ground for ‘Home Schoolers’?) Science / Field Naturalists Centre ● Display area for information such as, Climate change Reconciliation group activities What is on around the district regular programs: meeting times & places working Bs for Coop Local schools participation e.g. -fund raising shop for special purpose – home work area for kids that need space to work and discuss. ● Book exchange Treasure/flea market Repair shop – general (monthly) Learning hub/activities Occasional child care Volunteer opportunities & ‘skills swap’ register Sewing bees – boomerang bags etc Labyrinth (in the historic tree area?) – a quiet reflective space Basket ball ring or other outdoor activities ● possibly move the kindergarten to the space ● Neighbourhood House ● Art gallery space Women’s shed                                                            ● Transform the space into a mini version of CERES, which is an iconic institution located in Brunswick East                                  ● Lots of brilliant ideas. Some ideas I love but not on the site, such as indoor skating, bowling, basketball. Some things double up existing community needs such as commercial kitchen. Tourism centre, bike hire great location. Flexible use spaces best for all age groups. Keep great play equipment, such a great space for kids and add kitchen community garden. Bigger kids use basketball ring but not whole court. The wall is great for tennis, ball games. Love the markets idea, AAA position for it. Co-ordinating with existing town groups for all ages workshops/conference brilliant & strengthens the use and purpose for site. Some ideas such as accomodation seem overly costly to comply for safety.
Older Suggestions

Community Gardens Bike share *Bakery/pizza cafe *Cafe Landscaped botanical area (centred around the heritage trees in the S.W. Corner) Play Equipment Taungurung and Dja Dja Wurrung history installation Radio station Industrial or commercial kitchen Community wood fired oven Bike kitchen(a place where you can come and learn how to repair your bike) Makers Space Community and Tourist Information Centre Recording studio Open air amphitheatre *Plant and tree nursery Artists workshops *Business hub or Small business incubator Exhibition space and Art Gallery *Conference space *Festival space Parkour course and climbing wall Open multi-purpose market building with roof gardens *Shared office space Seven day a week drop-in centre with fast Internet *Lost trades workshops Meeting space (and storage) for community groups *Brewing Cooperative * *Tiered theatre Car-park Co-op bulk foods store Solar Farm Flea market…trash and treasure/car boot sale Area for the aged care facilities (eg RM Begg) to use for work shops Book exchange Women’s shed Bike riding area Alternative secondary schooling Resource centre / common meeting ground for ‘Home Schoolers’ Science / Field Naturalists Centre Home work area for kids that need space to work and discuss Repair shop – general (monthly) Space for pop-up shops Lego competition Keep basketball area