The Questions


Right now we have to save our school and keep the iconic Kyneton Primary School building in public ownership for the amenity of the people of Kyneton and surrounds.
The residents of Kyneton have an opportunity to create a wonderful, bustling, public owned, town square, right in the heart of our village… a central focus to rekindle our
sense of community, create a strong sense of place and meaningful engagement with the challenges of the future. This project will harness the energy of many isolated small community groups in the one location.
In our age, there is a pressing need to tap into the power of collective intelligence for better decision making. So it’s time for you to dream large and imagine a future for the old school
site and indeed the entire town square precinct for our community.

Get ready to take part in the Dare to Dream discussions.
Go through the discussion questions and let your imagination loose (scroll down to look at the questions)  . We need unconstrained big ideas that will resonate with the people of Kyneton and galvanise their voice behind a great dream.
The success of such an ambitious project will rely on respectful deliberation between ordinary citizens contributing to decision making. In a democracy, we might expect that
most decisions are made by elected representatives. The reality is that politicians are most interested in projects that have popular public approval.
If we lead, they will follow.

So let’s all roll up our sleeves and start work!

Here are some key points about in the Dare to Dream conversations

  • You don’t have to comment on every question (scroll down to look at the questions). The conversations are as much about listening to one another as they are about voicing your own opinion. The last question gives everyone a chance to comment on anything which they feel is relevant but has not been mentioned.
  • If you live outside the Kyneton area but you have links with community your participation is also welcome as a stakeholder. Many younger former residents may have moved to Melbourne for study or work but still feel a strong connection here with family or place. Others may be planning to move to Kyneton some time in the future.
  • Let us know if you can help with the Town Square campaign. Any contribution large or small is welcomed.  The success of this initiative relies on grass roots support. Participating in a brain storming session is probably the most effective ‘in kind’ donations an individual can make.
  • If you want to have a look in the school from home take a seven minute virtual tour using this link.    


Question One
Did you attend the school ?
Perhaps you have an interesting story about your education there.

Question Two
How could a community centre on the school site help with fulfilling the needs
of your group or for broad needs across the community?

Question Three
We need to address the needs of our community 30-50 years from now. Think back 50 years – the world was a very different place – how do you think Kyneton and central Victoria might change over the next 50 years?
How significant will these changes be when we think about the shape or design of a community centre?
Remember the school precinct is part of a potential town square area going right across from Mollison Street to Ebden Street.

Question Four
Here are some ideas which have surfaced in conversation… community gardens, community craft beer brewery, large open sided market buildings with sod roofs and green houses, innovative under cover car-park also with roof gardens, art gallery/visitors centre, renewable energy installation, electric car plug in station, lost trades spaces, local produce cafe and bakery etc.etc.
What do you imagine a great town square to be like? What is there? What does it look like, feel like, sound like, smell like…? How do we create a space wherepeople feel comfortable to just hang out.?
If you have a favourite public space somewhere else, take a photo and share it on our website. If you are visually minded, print a copy of a bird’s eye view of the school site, and let your imagination loose on a plan for the the development of the grounds. Bring your plan along to the discussion.

Question Five
How might a Kyneton Hub contribute to addressing/overcoming the challenges
of climate change and growing social inequality?
While these are huge questions they should be the backdrop for all long-term planning.

Question Six                                                                                                       What  kind of commercial initiatives would be appropriate to welcome into the space. Initiatives which would clearly demonstrate compatibility with the hub’s function as a community centre.                                                                                               If, for instance, the precinct was controlled by a community incorporated body, it may be advantageous, as part of off-setting maintenance and other costs, to lease some of the site to appropriate non-profit, or private, businesses.

Question Seven
What could you as a individual or ,a group you are part of, make a contribution to the success of a Town Square project.?
The Kyneton community has a strong tradition of volunteering for instance. Can we tap into this tradition to make our town hub a success?
Is this also an opportunity to explore the shared economy?

Question Eight
Could the use of a citizens jury could ensue an unbiased outcome for the school site?

The state government has had recent success with citizens juries for infrastructure planning, and determining a new democratic election process for the City of Geelong. Could this be a way of establishing the consensus our community needs for the precinct?

Question Nine
Should the community pursue control of the precinct through an incorporated body with strong democratic aspirations like a cooperative?

Kyneton has a proud tradition of community self governance of which the former Kyneton and District Butter Factory is a relevant historic example. Can we today be inspired by the courage of former pioneering generations, and, like them, also take bold steps towards a better future?

Question Ten
Is there anything you would like to add to our discussion?




How will these brainstorming sessions work?

A group of five to eight people sit around a table and everyone gets a chance to have their say based on the questions above. You don’t have to have an opinion about every question and the last question gives everyone a chance to make comments on anything not covered during the main discussion. The discussion will be documented carefully so that all the ideas can be publicised. As the consultation process unfolds the ideas will be available on our website. Towards the end of the process there will be an opportunity to rank the ideas to highlight the ones which resonate most strongly with the community. The results of this community based consultation process will be made available to any local or state government initiatives.

To join up with a brainstorming session
Rob Bakes on 54221808 or email;