Discussion Transcripts


Round Table Decision Making


Especially the way we are trained to function in our society. The strong makes the decision, makes it quickly and enforces it. He doesn’t waste time coming to a decision. Well actually sometimes the best information is gathered when people can tolerate not knowing and be in a state of chaos for a while to find the answers together and can tolerate people having a different opinion. Not everybody who has great ideas is the most articulate person or is the best person in a public forum. That person needs to have time to quietly come forward. So if there is a so called strong leader who runs rough shod over everybody…the archetypal hero and god.That is not the best thing because then they are running rough shod. We are coming to a conclusion early.

But sometimes what happens is that because they already have the plans in place then other people step back and think alright. Then they complain at a later date because its not really what we wanted.

The social dynamic is the one who has the most forceful personality wins and it is not always the best idea.

Its about that collective decision making.This is where the kitchen table conversations are a different way of doing it and I like it. And there is a lot of lateral thinking involved too.

Its just allowing there be adequate time.To be able to tolerate not knowing. The ferment which things emerge from.

It gets back to the creative process that artists often go through…they have to go through this angst of not knowing and self doubt before something emerges.

There will be obviously be people who have some kind of anxiety there not being a plan straight away.


Connection with the school


“I did (went to the school).Both my children did and I worked at the school. It’s one of those buildings which has a very nice feel about it.You know when you walk in the door and you feel comfortable and welcomed and…just a really nice feeling. I don’t know whether that’s to do with the principal or staff or…yeh but no a lovely feeling.


Preservation of the school buildings

(comment about the 1985 extension) There are some fantastic spaces.Because it’s a bit different it’s not like going into your normal Primary School. Its got a bit of character about it. it was only built in 1985, they did remarkably well. I thought they were going to stuff it up. I think they did really well. I think it would be sad to lose even as a piece of architecture. What a waste!

(It is rumoured the state government has allocated 300k to demolish the 1985 extension)

I care a great deal about what happens to this site. Some of you mentioned the hospital. You just give up on local government. They had the power years ago to do something then to leave it and leave it then its vandalised and an opportunity is lost.

When you go to Castlemaine you feel that they have preserved a great many of their buildings and its a viable town currently living its life and they’ve done it and if we don’t watch out. If we’re careful we can be more like that, if we’re not careful we’ll be like Sunbury or one of these dreadfully degraded places. There are so many people who want to cash in by making deals behind closed doors.They will do it if they can…they will do if they can. I feel passionate that we have to preserve what there is of old Kyneton. Its sickening if you knew the architectural treasures (which have been demolished) There’s not much of it left..so you keep what you can. Why should we live in a degraded environment because certain people have access to those that have power.

What can we do there


Also a cinema here. I know Daylesford has a small cinema

Its in the centre of town.It’s right near the library and there’s so much space. All of that area inside and outside like it’s completely in the centre of town.People use that cenotaph area in the daffodil parade and all those things. Yes and so much potential cause the building has so many rooms as well.That could be a number of things that could happen all the time. I was thinking about Castlemaine. Like Castlemaine has the museum, the gallery and wouldn’t it be great if there was the Kyneton gallery and you could have an exhibition space for local artists. Any of those rooms like some of them have great light and wall space. I was thinking about the residency of artists coming and having studios local artists or artists from other places and then  I kept coming back to the gallery idea cause that could be connected with someone in a studio there if they came to have a residency there they could have an exhibition at the gallery and it could be open to everyone. You could have a number of studios for local artists and some coming in from elsewhere as well. They could donate a work, an artwork to the community and have it outside or inside. I think of a place like Hiedi which has a huge sculpture garden and a public gallery.

I think it would be a good go for music possibly in relation with an art gallery, an art gallery space. not much extra steps with sound insulation. Obviously the outside space for festival type outdoor events.Recording studios.


What can we do there



If this was twelve months further along, we would not go where we are going. We would go here. This is much more interesting.Better place for the social fabric we are trying to pick up.We are going with our three streams…. hospitality training space.The premise is that there’s a lot of training programmes out there…you can do short courses on lots of things but what a lot of people need actually is a job so they can learn how to cut a job. We have one guy on who never had a job. He’s 25 and just lives on welfare.pretty dysfunctional, pretty difficult growing up situation and just never knew how to hold down a job. So putting him on, giving him 12 months of pay.and turning up and all that sort of stuff was what he needed rather than another course, another training course. So that’s the premise so we are going to be looking at hospitality,carpentry,and conservation and land management. Would you have a cafe there? Yes a bit like streat. I don’t know whether you have come across streat in Melbourne. It’s a social enterprise group which takes homeless people to learn hospitality, so it’s spelt Streat. Actually we’ve employed their employee of the year. He’s gonna be our front of house person And you’re going on the corner there? Yeh where Sun Ford was. Perfect position! Yeh we have a lot of work to do. Well both sides (the town square and the Sun Ford site) are pretty foundational to to that part of the town.


I’m a wildlife guide and I take people out to the You Yangs.Maybe there could be some sort of community bus. We could take people to Bald Hill to look at endangered species and connect with the local area.But also make some information about the environment. There’s information about in and around the space that people can learn that is more interactive.


I think it’s an amazing space . I can think of a few things I can relate to. We’ve just done a little social enterprise and we actually thought about the school spaces for our social enterprise but we’ve got a lease now on the old Sun Ford site for our workplace mentoring. We talked the other day about the lost trades but I love the idea of what Glen and Lisa have put together in bringing people around that idea whether or not it’s their thing or whether it’s an extension of that, I think that’s a fantastic thing.


What can we do there



I could give you some fantastic ideas but my concern is for the senior citizens of Kyneton which I will be one  day. Their funding is running out for their rent of the hall in two years time. They’re a group of ninety really elderly people there. Each week they have a lunch at the hall which someone prepares for them. Then they’ll have bingo or they’ll have someone come and entertain them or they’ll have someone come and speak to them about ambulance and that sort of stuff. Yeh…so I’m really concerned that they are going to be kicked out and nowhere to go. On Tuesdays and Saturdays they have bowling,indoor bowling. They just love it. Some of them have strokes and they all have a go and I’d just hate to see that end.

My mum is eighty. If that was taken out of her life she would be beside herself because that’s her ‘Thursday we go to senior cits’. I drop her off there at 11.30 and I pick her up at 2.30 and I take someone else home and she’s not very mobile at all so she just goes in sits on a chair and everybody waits on her and she just thinks it’s wonderful. She doesn’t get waited on much at home. She’s made so many nice friends. A lot of them are quite worried now that they have had the shire come to speak to them and say that the money is not going to be there. So they’re all worried about where they’re going to go,and will it continue, and what’s going to happen. Its awful to see. People of that age should be able to have a regular thing. They probably need two classrooms…but they’d need it on a permanent basis and they would need to be able to use the kitchen. I’II be very upset if they get kicked out.


What can we do there


I like the idea of gardens…I thought that was a lovely idea

I think the space has amazing potential. Personally I’m up for sustainability and would like to see community gardens or something. I live in Melbourne now but I spend a lot of time at Ceres and I think that’s a really great place. Its somewhere where you can have solar panels and be educating people about sustainability…that it’s not really that hard. But also having live music and the arts along with that. Something like that would be really nice. So many people in the community have really great skills for running workshops…could be out of those rooms.


This community garden was in Alice Springs. It was with a local and she had a back yard on a  really rocky cliff and where they couldn’t really grow anything so they went downhill  Everyone had a plot in this community garden and they swapped food and it was all neighbours. There was tank water but they were all growing on flat ground ‘cause (they lived in apartments). There are a lot of people in Kyneton living in flats.


At Ceres there’s a bike den and you can go there and there are parts everywhere and the old bloke who’s there is a bit of a crazy man but you can go there and they show you how to fix your bike. Every Sunday, fix your bike then ride off. And people are learning how to fix their bike.  they just have old bikes there. You could grab a bike,fix it and take it home with you.


Just the carbon footprint of pulling a building down and rebuilding another building from a sustainability perspective. It wouldn’t be hard to do the maths on that its a big cross against just tearing stuff down and rebuilding


What can we do there



We need lots of reasons for people to go there. Remember St Teresa’s where Safeway is. That tried to be a lot of different things but I think there were just not enough reasons for people to go there  A good town square needs  to have many, many multiple reasons as was said before for different people who wouldn’t necessarily cross over but to have to come together so a form of library, a form of work space, a form of artists. I think that would make a healthy vibrant town square.


As Kyneton grows it is going to need more infrastructure in the heart of it. More public spaces that people can use. It just seems ridiculous to let that opportunity pass. Land right in the middle of town with beautiful heritage buildings on it . We’re gonna look back and say who allowed that to happen! (if it is demolished and sold off)

A place for young mums to meet could be good with good pram access…like a pram car park.I remember one of the worst things for me was the leap with babies in coffee shops there was never anywhere for the prams perhaps not completely orientated to young children. Its really important like socialisation of parents.

You only have to look at beautiful, ageing, and yet still viable Italian towns to know about community space. You really don’t have to do more than provide perhaps around the buildings a lovely vibe, a lovely atmosphere, people can sit on benches,in fact people can just walk through the gate and feel I can sit here. There should be this this feeling anyone can walk in cause that’s why we like going to Europe. Its so simple.Its casual, it’s timeless but people just love it. That’s why they sit under the trees outside the little library. Its an designated but common place for the people.


Kyneton in the future


Next question is what is it (Kyneton) going to look like in fifty years. This is the centre of town and in fifty years if the town is twice as big the centre is going to be even more important and we don’t want to look back in regret that we have lost this beautiful piece of public space.


Commercial enterprise


We need a coffee shop.


What would be really cool is kyneton is such a commuting town but now we’ve got internet you can be virtually in the office. It would be really cool and it would probably be the thing that would make the thing pay would be to have some virtual office space for people to get together. That would make the cafe viable. That will make the art gallery frequented. It seems as though you could turn two or three of those classrooms into hot desks and you could have a board room. People could pay a hundred bucks a week or one hundred and fifty bucks a week to be able to hot desk and to use the facilities. I’m amazed how busy the Kyneton train station is… obviously there are a lot of people going to offices in Melbourne. One or two days a week in the Kyneton virtual office in the primary school.


Car parking


Functionality will include parking. At the moment all the teachers park in that one street (Ebden) I don’t know how many car parks there are there but there’s not that many. That’s another thing if you’re going to attract a lot of people to a venue then parking is going to be an issue. Especially elderly people who don’t like to park more than ten steps away from where they can get out of the car. Safeway is just ridiculous. You just can’t get a park there 99 percent of the time and it only going to get worse, I imagine.


If we get too hung up on parking it could cruel a lot of good ideas for the square. Do you think we need more parking at the school? I like the driverless car idea. It will sort it all out.


Reciprocity…what can we give


I would contribute in whatever way I could but I don’t know how.


At  church we do this thing called ‘tool throw up’ once a month Every year we are doing something for the high school like getting twenty people together for half a day on Saturday. Just planting or whatever…so I’m sure there would be like we could do that. I’m sure there would be plenty of other groups that would you know just if it was a community owned space you could get all that 200k worth of maintenance from all sorts of different places.


This is the real danger with the Primary School. There will be a group or a number of groups who’ve got the use now and then they think it’s theirs in perpetuity. The first idea I want to put up is people get the use of it for a lease say for twenty years or twenty-five years but there’s always a line drawn where the community can reassess.Is this the best use for it? and run it in a new direction if they want to.