About us

Right now we have a one off opportunity to save our school and keep the iconic Kyneton Primary School building in public ownership for the amenity of the people of Kyneton and surrounds.

The residents of Kyneton have an opportunity to create a wonderful, bustling, public owned, town square, right in the heart of our village… a central focus to rekindle our sense of community, create a strong sense of place and meaningful engagement with the challenges of the future. This project will harness the energy of many isolated small community groups in the one location.             

Join the Co-Op today to put your support behind this worthwhile initiative.


In our age, there is a pressing need to tap into the power of collective intelligence for better decision making. So it’s time for you to dream large and imagine a future for the old school site and indeed the entire town square precinct for our community.

 The success of such an ambitious project will rely on respectful deliberation between ordinary citizens contributing to decision making. In a democracy, we might expect that most decisions are made by elected representatives. The reality is that politicians are most interested in projects that have popular public approval.

If we lead, they will follow. So let’s all roll up our sleeves and start work.          http://kynetononline.org/?page_id=600