Why Cobaw was not a good idea.

Guys I’m so concerned that Cobaw and others who support the most marginalised and disadvantaged in our shire’s community might be pushed outside of the centre of Kyneton and not included in this development. Healthy, safe and equal communities are inclusive of all. If what drives this development is only economic development then the town will lose its soul and long term future. A community inclusive of all is what will make Kyneton strong in the long term

Anne you have touched on the heart of the conundrum. No one wants to further disadvantage the most disadvantaged. In fact the idea of a dedicated community town square is about inclusion left, right and centre. Everyone in the Town Square Reference Group expected Cobaw Health would seriously consider being a part of the town hub(probably in the 1985 extension) Their CEO rejected that idea outright at our KTSRG meeting on Thursday. If you read my earlier comments here and on Kyneton Buy Swap and Sell, there are three other sites which are in town. Sure the hospital site is further out but the disadvantaged have easy access by public transport.The bus leaves from the P.O. every hour and the trip takes seven minutes. If our service to the hospital is judged as inadequate lets improve it, rather than relocate the hospital. Economic development is not driving the idea of creating a town square which is accessible and open to all. The intangible amenity of a vision for a multi-use, flexible pedestrian space in the heart of Kyneton is primarily aimed at public use. Plonking a building and all the associated cars slap bang in the centre of our future town square ruins the emenity of the space. Anne please have a look a the concept plan and the disastrous consequences of building in the festival/market are obvious. If you have any influence with Cobaw ask them to reconsider the other sites which are on their list. Yes you are spot on with your comment that “A community inclusive of all is what will make Kyneton strong in the long term” That perfectly describes what is behind the aim of keeping the whole area from Mollison street to Ebden street “in public ownership primarily for public use”

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