Survey comments about activity in the Town Square …. 24th July 2018

  • A safe place for youth to connect. Including many ideas already suggested such as homework area with fast internet, parcore, bike riding, playground etc
  • Shops with good clothes for youth
  • Cinemas
  • Youth Space. Place for young people to hang out.
  • Life hack and building area
  • Surely serious thought should be given to appropriate relocation of our kindergarten? Redevelopment of a downstairs area of the existing brick building would lend itself to some imaginative and appropriate planning for our growing population of preschoolers??? Also thought for access to parking for parents???
  • Prefer social enterprise incubator rather than business incubator. Occasional child care may be useful for parents doing activities at the centre. Weekly produce swap (including seedlings, seeds, etc.) Seed library. Craft area for fibre and other crafts
  • collectible/comic book shop teenager hang out space
  • We don’t need any more markets! The Horticultural Society needs a new home where monthly meetings are held, ongoing plant sales and a hall to host 2 flower shows annually. As well as creating a space where schools can participate in growing things.
  • A safe place for youth to connect. Including many ideas already suggested such as homework area with fast internet, parcore, bike riding, playground etc
  • It would be terrific to have an indoor rollerblading / rollerskating rink in Kyneton. This is a fun and fitness activity for children and adults alike and helps to keep youth off the streets. My husband and I drive to Bendigo twice a week to rollerblade at ‘The Zone’ Family entertainment center and experience first hand how many people enjoy this sport. Any smooth surface from timber flooring to concrete is suitable. If the school has an indoor sports hall there would be no set-up costs involved as it could be most likely used in its current state. People who now travel to Bendigo or Melbourne for this activity would come to the Kyneton skating rink and this would have a flow-on effect for local businesses, especially cafes. Should this suggestion be of any interest, I would be more than happy to be involved in making it a reality and provide free lessons from beginners to intermediate and advanced to anyone interested. I can be contacted via email at
  • Put a car parking along the bowling club/park side of the school. Look to the future Kyneton is not getting any smaller. Fence off the school and use for the community.
  • The farmers market should move here – more space, allow for food trucks to join too. At winter the current farmers market site is too messy and dangerous (potential to slip over in mud is not good for the elderly and vulnerable eg pregnant women). A children’s hub should also be included- house the Toy Library, play group, maternal health centre, kindergarten and occasional care.
  • Involve refugees… maybe several could come to Kyneton for a few days (stay in a home), give workshops, demos in their crafts eg basket weaving from local materials, decorating outer walls as in some African villages, making brooms, brushes, mats, small hand tools…also games… Making musical instruments (drums, strings, horns from local materials) – also Caribbean instruments: steel drums, strings from teachests – for reggae, ska, rock steady… wow…!!! Interactions /exchange skills etc between various ethnic groups incl indigenous Australians – maybe coming to K once every month, or 2 months…including storytelling, incl. accounts of their refugee / migrant experiences… these could be recorded to become part of a historic archive… in time such first-hand accounts will become part of A’s national heritage and refugees, migrants etc will see that they are much valued members of this nation… that’s how integration works – it’s a 2 way street: they give… we give… Also I suggest you involve the man who runs the Auction Room art gallery (opposite the laundromat and near IGA on Mollison St.). He seems to be v practical, hands on, business-like yet with a keen aesthetic sense… could have ideas for landscaping, workrooms… Upstairs maybe several rooms for people to stay (eg short-term such as those traveling to K to give workshops…) Fold-up deck chairs that people can open up to sit on in preferred spots outside: under a tree, next to a sunny wall, in the shade etc…to read, think, write, snooze, relax/ vague-out, inner escape, talk to others etc. When finished, fold up deck chair and take back to storage space (maybe near the bike storage). A volunteer could monitor with wise benevolence, so these ‘leisure items’ continue for the common good… And yes, varieties of music, incl. world music…bring it on…
  • My thoughts are to ensure that no one activity/organisation/individual is allowed to dominate in either an administrative sense or in terms of coveting space available. Keep things as fluid as possible to ensure new ideas can be taken on board and that the space can evolve along with current community requirements.
  • After School Activity Centre courses and w/end. Gardening program for vege patch and planting around the heritage trees.Teaches landscaping and basic gardening skills Use as a course so whoever participates is paying for it via the course lesson. Involve local businesses ie hairdressing workshop, motor mechanics for girls (basic course in car maintenance). Music workshops. Baking/Food Prep. Maybe workshops in bricklaying, pottery, craft. Anything that gives the kids something they are interested in a place to nurture and build on their talent. Painting workshop etc. Once a month or whatever let them sell their items and/or produce at the Flea Market. That way everything is interconnected and will have a flow on effect. Might even assist in a career choice down the track or a hobby to enhance on later in life. Another thought is connected to the once a month/week lunches on a wednesday? at the Mechanics Hall, food prep course every Tues afternoon teaching the kids the cooking skills in readiness for something that already exists again that interconnection thing. Same goes at Christmas time for Lunch. Combining existing events with new participation and sharing of ideas. Grow the veg, cook the veg, use for existing community lunches. Different course or workshop to cover each section from ground to table. Just a thought. Oh and by the way not just for kids. Adults might like the w/end option workshop too
  • Maintain existing open space   In my view OPEN SPACE is the most valuable quality or function of a town square, any town square, anywhere ! And this is precisely what Kyneton does not have at the present time – an open landscaped area which would give the town a “heart”. Think of any notable town square in Australia or elsewhere in the world ! It would be so easy to lose this aspect, by devoting existing open space to any number of commendable community functions – but once gone, if it involves the construction of a permanent structure or facility – it is gone for good. Virtually no going back. A beautifully landscaped, foot traficable only garden, would be my priority one for the Kyneton Town Square, with vehicle access limited to delivery only – which could double up for disabled persons drop off to the existing buildings.”
  • “I think this space should be a multi-purpose space which represents & enriches the Kyneton community. This is an opportunity to have a place where people can rent space to showcase their talent, attend classes to learn new things, start a small local business, attend community events & celebrations and meet like minded people. I think it should be something like a Community Cultural & Learning center which will encompass most of the ideas above. To assign a specific function will limit how much the community can engage & use the space. Ps. I think a more diverse segment of the community should also have a role in the steering committee.”
  • “Youth `/ adults local orchestra free rehearsal and performing space Children, youth and adult local choirs free rehearsal and performing space Community music school with classes and free regular public presentations TED type of informative talks space on topics that affect the community locally and-or globally. Justice of Peace space Free legal advice Terra Madre outlet Library space WITHOUT WIFI for children Space for regular talks and action groups on the state of the local community from local doctors, teachers, council, police, churches, charities, social workers, artists, youth, public transport, etc Citizens space providing locals with a knowledge of the constitution under which they are living and their responsibilities and rights Academia space to share in freedom new ways of life, inventions etc Traditional and modern dancing free rehearsal spaces Cosy spaces just to be warmly seated in peace next to others without consuming , just reading, observing, helping, etc Space to coordinate the community for voluntary community needed tasks, similar l to life savers at the beach but here for all town issues”
  • “Build, make form an Icon or mural. Unique to Kyneton. Make it substantial. Along the lines of the big Marino in Goulburn, Fish at Adaminaby etc.”
  • “A community education area for more than just lost trades”
  • i think it is very important that women can have ashed where they can socialise and learn new & handy skills”
  • “Space for informal parents group meetings A piano and sheet music for affordable/volunteer-based music lessons Community art competitions”
  • “Volunteer English language conversation classes Other supports for migrants and refugees”
  • “Cinema (small-scale)”
  • “Renting bicycles [for both tourists and locals] Walking Groups”
  • “In question 2 you only provided agree or disagree options. I sit firmly on the fence. Yes, community ownership would be good, however, I am also very concerned that the space is not constrained by the various competing interests and politicisation that can create blockages and barriers. Often, when too many community groups get involved things get bogged down in trying to be everything to everyone. I have previously been involved with the St Helliers project at Abottsford Convent. It has a clear purpose and defined sense of self – and this has helped create long-term sustained success for the precinct. The space is interesting to visit. It is professional. Not ‘amatuerish’. It is a space where people are drawn to visit, not just a self-serving space for the few who are involved. This is what we should strive for in Kyneton. Identify what will make the place unique and build a business model and solid communication plan around it. Please don’t waste a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something special by trying to please everyone. Success will come from clarity and bravery.”
  • “Space for pop up shops Quality food vans Not just day time activities – small wine bar for evening, Movie space, maybe outdoors for summer”
  • “Repair Cafe”
  • “Bike riding area, lego competition, a camp, solving mysteries, singing + (instruments) area, food making competition.”
  • “open space in the centre of Kyneton. definitely not car park”
  • “Dog club”


  • “A combination of private businesses, extended parking area, and community space. Community activities should be able to be done here, but there needs to be parking infrastructure as the parking around woolsworth is already full. Spaces should be multipurpose whenever possible, I.e an open air amphitheater that can also host summer outdoor movie nights.”
  • “* community cooking lessons * Kyneton Botanical Gardens gardening group (the council has no money and no interest in the embarrassingly neglected KBG, and needs volunteers under expert supervision to make it a garden worth spending time in, with seasonal flower beds, etc.) * keep the basketball courts and organise informal pick-up games and teams, just for fun, not for competition * if there isn’t enough interest in basketball, organise informal games and teams in other sports: for those who want exercise and camaraderie but are not serious about sport, or are too old for competitive teams * free, or nearly free, courses taught by volunteers on any subject under the sun * regular talks on interesting subjects by inspiring speakers (somewhat like the Free Thinkers group but with more intelligently selected speakers”

Notes from the Steering Committee Meeting on 5/6/2018

Here are some notes from the Steering Committee meeting on 5/6/2018


Peter, Jan, Rob, Mary & Mark

Minutes of meeting

Discussion of process:

Project name – Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op is working title.

Final package to be ratified at a town meeting. Ongoing consultation to occur in development of organisational rules and constitution. This package will be recommended to the TSRG and then to the town meeting for final approval.

Steering group to report via email (to TSRG members) and website (to wider community) after each meeting.

Documents on creating a positive culture and developing a code of governance for the community sector distributed to steering group members.
Worked through membership section of the sample rules for a non-distributive non-share holding cooperative. Still working through membership categories – to continue working on next week.

Meeting closed: 10.00pm

Why Cobaw was not a good idea.

Guys I’m so concerned that Cobaw and others who support the most marginalised and disadvantaged in our shire’s community might be pushed outside of the centre of Kyneton and not included in this development. Healthy, safe and equal communities are inclusive of all. If what drives this development is only economic development then the town will lose its soul and long term future. A community inclusive of all is what will make Kyneton strong in the long term

Anne you have touched on the heart of the conundrum. No one wants to further disadvantage the most disadvantaged. In fact the idea of a dedicated community town square is about inclusion left, right and centre. Everyone in the Town Square Reference Group expected Cobaw Health would seriously consider being a part of the town hub(probably in the 1985 extension) Their CEO rejected that idea outright at our KTSRG meeting on Thursday. If you read my earlier comments here and on Kyneton Buy Swap and Sell, there are three other sites which are in town. Sure the hospital site is further out but the disadvantaged have easy access by public transport.The bus leaves from the P.O. every hour and the trip takes seven minutes. If our service to the hospital is judged as inadequate lets improve it, rather than relocate the hospital. Economic development is not driving the idea of creating a town square which is accessible and open to all. The intangible amenity of a vision for a multi-use, flexible pedestrian space in the heart of Kyneton is primarily aimed at public use. Plonking a building and all the associated cars slap bang in the centre of our future town square ruins the emenity of the space. Anne please have a look a the concept plan and the disastrous consequences of building in the festival/market are obvious. If you have any influence with Cobaw ask them to reconsider the other sites which are on their list. Yes you are spot on with your comment that “A community inclusive of all is what will make Kyneton strong in the long term” That perfectly describes what is behind the aim of keeping the whole area from Mollison street to Ebden street “in public ownership primarily for public use”