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Thursday Setember 1st 2022 Here we come! The Co-Op’s R.O.I. for the school site.

Wednesday July 20th 2022

Hi Everyone,
11 days ago, Working Heritage launched the new consultation process to guide the $12m development of the Old Baynton Street Primary School site. The Co-Op supports many of the initiatives in the plan but there are some worrying issues which warrant discussion. The launch was a private affair. As far as we know the only Kyneton residents invited were local members of the Labor party. We only became aware of it when regional ABC rang us for our reaction.

We note that one of Working Heritage’s core priorities as an organisation is to ensure a discernible and measurable community benefit from their projects. Having the place hopping with tourists is not a primary indication of community benefit. Yes it’s beneficial for  “jobs and growth” but it’s not much chop,for instance, for the Senior Cits if their group is priced out of the complex with unaffordable rents.
So we need to delve into the details of this proposal to ensue that community benefit is uppermost and takes priority over tourism and commercialism.
It’s worth reiterating the primary constitutional purpose of the Co-Op in this regard…the Co-operative will promote strong community, based on values of broad engagement and mutuality, by creating a publicly owned Town Square in the heart of Kyneton for the public benefit of Kyneton and District residents.

Here is a link to an ABC interview in which Rob Bakes (Co-Op Chair) voices some misgivings about the development plan.

The Co-Op is currently negiotiating to extend the consultation period beyond July 31st. If we are successful we will have an opportunity to go back to the community and use a participatory democracy model like kitchen table conversations to give everyone a voice in designing and creating priorites for Working Heritage’s proposed community hub. The community has so far been subjected to a ridiculously short timeline for adequate discussion.

Here are some initial comments about the proposed strategic plan. These perspectives are not exaustive and the Co-Op plans to add to them and test their acceptance via a new series of kitchen table sessions. It should also be made clear that the Co-Op is not directing its members or the wider community in any way as to what their response is to the survey. Our comments are just part of the conversation which is so important to arrive at a consensual outcome. Most of what follows has been well road tested through our previous community outreach.

1. The community needs to develop a charter or agreement with W.H. to protect and prioritise community access to the school buildings and the outside space. The charter would guarantee that community needs are at the forefront of any development in the Town Square. The charter would also guarantee free or affordable rental spaces in the buildings for community groups.

2. The complex should committ to at least zero carbon emissions in relation to energy needs. Renovation and construction should guarantee low environmental impact.

3. A strategic plan for the school needs to acknowledge that it is an integral part of the wider vision for a Town Square. Plans for the school site need to coordinate with, and complement this broader concept. This understanding seems to be lacking in the proposed plan and some aspects conflict with the Town Square vision. Two examples of this are the location of a carpark within the square and a new Working Heritage definition of the square which reduces its area by eighty per cent.

4. The vision for a Town Square is a vision for an open pedestrian mall. To make this a reality, car parking obviously needs to be accommodated outside the Town Square per se. Also vehicular entry to service businesses and provide for disability access should be at very low speed (5kph). 

5. A narrow access road along the eastern boundary (ref the Co-Op EOI) could service the Bowling Club as well as the community hub.There are two positive outcomes if this design change was adopted. Firstly, moving the vehicular access would eliminate the current vehicle entry from Baynton street and transform pedestrian connectivity between the school site and an extended Mechanics Reserve. Secondly the existing playground at the library could be extended or moved into the school site to accommodate the stategic plan’s adventure playground ideas and our “Pick your Project” 24/7 olympic climbing frame. This would free up the western area for community gardens and other exciting horticultural initiatives.

6. Car Parking could be accommodated in Ebden street and Simpson streets if these streets were made one way. This measure would, in addition, create the opportunity to plant a tree-lined connection right around the perimeter of the Town Square.The extension of the Mechanics Reserve along Baynton Street to the end of the supermarket and the establishment of a tree-lined car park from the supermarket to the roundabout in Ebden Street would also contribute to solving the car parking conundrum without sacrificing Town Square space. 

7. The existing water storage needs to be relocated underground. This would be consistent with protecting open space and the construction of an amphitheatre, sound studio and workshop.

Disappointingly, the consultation process is pretty lack lustre. There is a survey on line which you can fill in. Here’s a link to the the survey  and our crib sheet.  We have gone through the questions to alert our members of some of the shortfalls we have identified in the development plan. Use the crib sheet link to view our comments which will help to inform your response.

Working Heritage encourages your attendence at their drop in day at the school next Saturday (23rd) between ten and two.
Two community meetings will take place next week (see below)

We are keen for input from any of our members regarding these developments and will follow up this newsletter with updates as the consultation process unfolds.

Please contact the Co-Op if you are interested in joining our kitchen table conversations which will be scheduled very soon. We will also be organising some tours of the Town Square area to inform this initiative.The discussions will form part of the Co-Op’s submission to the W.H. consultation process. This initiative aims to ensue that the community’s voice has a real opportunity to be heard. It’s also an opportunity to use a process of deliberation to arrive at consensual decisions for the development.  

Here are the contact details for the directors of your Co-Op Board.
Huntly Barton (Treasurer) 0408 596847
Keeli Hennessy 0447 973629
Berenice Snowden 0467 152526
Rob Bakes (Chair) 0427580803
Tilly Nuttall (Secretary) 0400696428

These last two images (below) are some exciting ideas which have been lost or compromised by the Working Heritage Strategic Plan.

Tuesday June 29th

Monday June 28th

Here is the Co-Op’s reaction to the government announcement that management of the school site will be in hands of Creative Victoria and Working Heritage

Media Release

Subject: How Working Heritage engages with the Kyneton & District(s) community and the organisation’s sensitivity to community hopes for the former primary school site. 

While the Kyneton Town Square Co-op sees Friday’s announcement as a big improvement on previous suggestions from Govt for how the site might be managed, we maintain that there are some important issues to resolve for the community’s interests to be safeguarded.

It is important that the governance of the former Kyneton Primary School provides more than just site management. The Co-op’s advocacy has always been to ensure that the use and management the site meets the needs of the community now and in the future. Key to the community’s inter-generational vision is that, embedded in the planning for the site, is its pivotal role as part of a town square in the centre of our village which includes the Kyneton Mechanics Reserve and all the crown land to the East.

At a time of climate and ecological crisis the importance of community is central to our very survival. The Co-op continues to believe the management, vision and use of the old Kyneton Primary School site should be primarily based on the principal of community development. Use of the site as a tourist offering or gallery, while a welcome proposal, should always be secondary to this primary aim. The economic modelling for this valuable community asset must change from any preoccupation with economic outcomes to a serious emphasis on nurturing everyone’s well being, sense of belonging and sense of place.

In particular, we need to know how Working Heritage intends to engage with our community. We need to know how it will draw on the extensive community engagement work the Co-op has been doing over the past four years.

We hope that any proposal for the site is governed on the principle that benefits accrued in Kyneton will be retained here. These assets must not be used to fund other Working Heritage projects. In particular, the Co-op expects commercial tenancies located at the old KPS will be used to provide cross-subsidisation of other tenants, and in particular community groups.

The Co-op looks forward to engaging with Working Heritage on the future of the old KPS site and are pleased to note one of their core priorities as an organisation is to ensure a discernible and measurable community benefit.

Rob Bakes on behalf of the Board of the Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op Phone 0427580803

Sunday March 14th

Here is the link to sign…https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/council/petitions/electronic-petitions/view-e-petitions/details/12/326.

Sign up using this link…https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/council/petitions/electronic-petitions/view-e-petitions/details/12/326

Friday November 28th

What a publicity stunt we all copped today! All about tourism and tourist dollars not about creating strong, engaged communities.
The well connected were in full flight while the dreams and aspirations of ordinary residents were ignored. The communities vision for a town square has been painstakingly created by Kyneton and district residents over nearly four years but the government has other ideas.  But hey we are not going away!

The really important values for residents like a sense of belonging, and a sense of place, can only be achieved if government listens seriously to the people they are elected to serve. Investing large sums of money in tourism and prestige looks impressive, but it really misses the mark when it comes to creating strong community.

Thursday November 27th

I post this with palpable sadness. It looks like money and the big end of town have won out again. Please make an effort to turn up to the press conference at the school at 9.30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday November 28th).

A letter similar to the one published below has been received by all the community groups involved in the EOI process.

It looks like community has been pushed to the bottom. It’s unfortunate for us as citizens, that governments see strong community as a threat to their power. By the way, the Co-Op EOI included exhibition space and artisan involvement in the school. We didn’t need 12k, we just needed a chance to do it

The Labor party will hold a press conference at 9.30 a.m. on Friday November 27th at the old Baynton Street Primary School. Turn up and support our town square vision and local control.


Membership sign up link http://kynetononline.org/?page_id=837

Parkour Instruction at the Old Primary School

Kyneton and District Town Square Co- Op are organising another Parkour event on Saturday 12th October at 1.00 pm.

We have trained 2 instructors coming from Melbourne Parkour, and will be conducting a one and a half hour class in the grounds of The Old Kyneton Primary School.

Parkour: An attitude and training method to allow you to move through any environment at
speed. The concept is to overcome all physical and mental obstacles in your path by using
your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault.
Come along and have a great time, cost is $25.00 per person and booked via trybooking on
http:// www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=530141&.
For more information http://www.kynetonoline.org

or facebook Kyneton and District town square Co Op

or ring Peter Henderson on 0457 038 488.

  • Check out our new sortition appointees to the Co-Op Board.
  • What’s happening with the school… here’s the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

This email is to provide you with a brief update on the progressing use and management of the former Kyneton Primary School.
As you know the engagement report outlining community’s preferences for future management and use of the former Kyneton Primary School was finalised in February 2019.
Since then DELWP has been working in the background with Department of Education and Training to progress the way forward.
An assessment of the buildings and open space at the former Kyneton Primary School site is currently being arranged. The condition assessment report will tell us what is needed to make the building safe for occupancy and the cost to do so.
The assessment needs to be completed first to inform the Expression of Interest (EOI) tenant process.  The final report of the condition assessment is expected to be completed in the next two months.  From there, we will start preparing the EOI process which is expected to take up to four months.

Looks like the long haul is not going to end soon!

It’s Time to Pull the Names out of the Hat!

A special Sunday lunch followed by a public meeting to announce the three community appointees to the Town Square Co-Op

The Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op will hold a fundraising lunch at Kyneton Mechanics Institute on Sunday May 26th  at 12.30 p.m. to announce the three new Board members, randomly selected, based on gender, age and locality, who will join the Co-Op’s Board of Management.

To book tickets go to         https://www.trybooking.com/BCRSC 

or  https://www.trybooking.com/504090

or phone Rob on 54221808. Tickets are $15.00 Children under thirteen are free.

Check out the Midland Express article below . Board appointments to the Co-Op by sortition are now underway. You must register by April 28th to be in the draw for a position.                                                                                             To register your interest use this link http://delibratelyengaging.com.au/kyneton

If you need help to register you can call Nivek Thompson form Deliberately Engaging on 0472 761 324 or email her on info@deliberatelyengaging.com.au

Is Nine News good or bad? Watch it and judge for yourself.


Kyneton Town Square Co-Op Press Release       re DELWP report on the Old Primary School Site

KDTS Co-op has offered a qualified welcome for the DELWP Report re the Old Baynton Street Primary School . .

Spokesperson for the Co-op, Rob Bakes, said that the report clearly confirms the model the Co-op has been promoting over the past 2 years and shows majority support for community management through the Co-op.

The report identifies the principles that should underpin community control of the site. ‘These principles closely align with the philosophy of the Co-op and are welcome as a strong endorsement of the model we have promoted’, said Mr. Bakes

However, the Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op find the DELWP report limited in some important respects, a fact acknowledged in the report itself.

‘We think it presents a rather misleading analysis of public opinion regards development and the future of the Old Baynton Street Primary School precinct and the Town Square project.

Firstly the report completely underestimates community support for the Town Square Co-Op model of community control of the site.

The DELWP report of only 166 participants suggests support of around 58% for the Co-Op model. Our online survey, which is still live at kynetononline.org is running at almost ninety-five percent in favour of the Co-Op model. We believe that the huge 37% discrepancy between the two survey results points to the failure of the DELWP report to accurately listen to and report community opinion.

The Co-Op survey also has a statistical advantage of having 320 participants which is double the DELWP sample.  Add to this the petition presented to parliament in 2017 which has a total of 2300 signatures in favour of community control and you have very solid support for the Co-Op model.

Other misleading conclusions by the report refer to two community groups which are now both members of the Co-Op and support Co-Op control of the site. Kyneton Connections and Kyneton Community and Learning Centre have now thrown their weight behind the Co-Op model. They join many other groups including Kyneton Rotary, Kyneton Lions, U3A, Highlands FM,  and The Horticultural Society to name just a few.,

‘We are very concerned that next steps identified in the report include an expression of interest process based on criteria yet to be defined to be conducted by some unidentified agency’ said board member Huntly Barton..

“Such an exercise only prolongs the decision and carries the risk that it will divide the community by pitting community groups against each other.”

“The consultation and decision-making process has dragged on far too long – we need to get on with the work of making the Town Square a reality for the Kyneton and District community.”

Our overall interpretation of the report suggests that the existing expression of interest by the Co-Op to become the lead tennant at the school is supported by the report’s findings.

Go to our Calendar of Events page for details about the Town Square picnic to be held on Sunday February 17th at 5 p.m.

Want to learn the song so you can sing our anthem at the picnic?


Our newest video…https://vimeo.com/312602428

Go to our Calendar of Events page for details about the Town Square picnic to be held on Sunday February 17th at 5 p.m.




Before we look back on 2018, with Huntly, here is the latest Co-Op news since the election, “press release style”…. 

Mary-Anne Thomas, fresh from a comprehensive election victory, has flagged the old Kyneton primary school decision as one of her first priorities for the re-elected Labor government.
Hmmm…does this mean a decision about the school is imminent? The latest information the Co-Op has from DELWP suggests that the answer is probably No.It seems the decision may be delayed until the Loddon-Campaspe Partnership  meets in February.

The question on everyone’s lips is ‘Will the government decision stay true to the wishes of  Kyneton and district residents who are backing their Town Square Co-Op to manage the old primary school site for community benefit?’

It’s an ill wind that blows no good. Because of this protracted, drawn out, and delayed consultation process, its not too late for Co-Op members to contact your newly elected local member Mary-Anne Thomas (5428 2138) and request that the Town Square Co-Op be chosen as the lead tenant for the school precinct.

It must be made clear that the central issue with the school is not the question of money but the question of achieving the best outcome for our community. Community control and responsibility is pivotal to creating a sense of belonging and a real and practical sense of resident ownership of the precinct.

Government funding would be welcome, but is not essential for the Co-Op to make a modest start. This is especially true in the first year, while the site is being surrendered by the Education Minister to become Crown Land and then rezoned for public use under DELWP. The Co-Op has enough money pledged by its members to re-connect services like gas, electricity and water to get the Town Square happening.

“I am sure the community will make a better fist of caring for the buildings and grounds than the deplorable performance by the Department of Education”, said board member Peter Henderson. “Blocked gutters, lack of proper maintenance, and the recent sell off of fixed assets like the bore pump is a real worry for the Co-Op.”


The Co-Op online survey filled in by more than three hundred residents has now indicated a massive ninety-four percent who agree or strongly agree with community control of the Town Square precinct through the Co-Op established in August.


People responding to the survey have suggested an exciting variety of potential uses for the school site that will ensure it becomes the real heart of the Kyneton and district community. Residents want to see the old Primary school used for a diverse range of uses, from community gardens to meeting places for our community groups that are currently without a home.The survey results can be viewed on our web-site at kynetononline.org

Through its project out-line and its innovative democratic constitution, the Co-Op has done a huge amount of work in readiness for the responsibilities of managing the site on behalf of the Crown and for the benefit of the community.

Viveka Simpson Kyneton resident and Co-Op board member.commented…”I along with board member Margot McDonald and our  Co-Op secretary Mark Ridgeway, had a very useful meeting with Mary-Anne Thomas before the State Election. We congratulate her on her re-election and look forward to working with her and the Andrews’ Government to make the Town Square a project we can all be proud of – one that will serve our community for decades to come”

Here are some of the community groups who have joined forces with the Co-Op

Kyneton Community Learning Centre Inc
Rotary Club of Kyneton
Kyneton Transition Hub
Friends of Kyneton Botanic Gardens
Kyneton Horticultural Society
U3A Kyneton Inc.
Kyneton Daffodil & Arts festival Inc.
Kyneton Connections Inc.

Kyneton Lions Club
A Forum for Democratic Renewal  

Huntly’s highlights for 2018 

  • The four months of hard work put in by the steering committee to produce an innovative democratic constitution

  • Our most popular and enthusiastic Co-Op member…Zarli

As we all wait with bated breath for the government decision about a lead tenant for the school site, the Co-Op will not be guilty of letting the grass grow under our feet. Our first task early in January is the exciting prospect of appointing two board members by sortition from the Kyneton and District community.

Sortition?…. if you don’t know much about sortition we will be running an explanatory seminar and there will be information on our website: http://kynetononline.org

Pictured below is Nivek Thompson and Peter Henderson at a recent Co-Op seminar. 

Nivek is the Director of Deliberately Engaging Pty Ltd. Deliberately Engaging has very generously  offered to work with the Co-Op for two years pro bono to develop an innovative platform for the use of sortition to strengthen democratic process.

Co-Op members can contact the Co-Op by email:  http://info@kynetononline.org

You can contact individual board members on the following numbers.

  • Huntly Barton 0408 596847
  • Margot McDonald 0412 318355
  • Peter Henderson 0457 038488
  • Rob Bakes 54221808

We all wish Viveka Simpson and Sam Prendegast best wishes for the birth of their second child due in February. Needless to say Viveka is limiting her board duties until later in 2019..

Long term government neglect of school maintenance


What a day for Kyneton!  A public meeting on Sunday August 26th has endorsed the constitution of the Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op.

The five directors who were elected to the inaugural board were:

Rob Bakes
Peter Henderson
Huntly Barton
Margot McDonald
Viveka Simpson

As a community we now have an incorporated organisation which we can put forward as a viable entity to take control of the Old Primary School precinct. Use the link below to have a look at the minutes of the meeting.

Minutes of the Formation Meeting

The nominees for the board are (in alphabetical order):
Rob Bakes
Huntly Barton
Mark Halloran
Peter Henderson
Maxine McKee
Margot McDonald
Geoff Murray
Viveka Simpson
Nominations for the Co-Op board will be open until Monday August 20th. Nomination forms and all inquires about how to go about standing for the board should be directed to the returning officer Doug McIver  on 0408 417926 or email:   info@kynetononline.org

Our Constitution was sent off the Consumer Affairs on Friday August 3rd  for examination and approval. You can have a look at the final version using this link

Draft rules for Kyneton and District Town Square Co-Op Ltd.

The draft constitution some impressive democratic initiatives with  two board members appointed by sortition. The steering committee will present their draft to the Town Square Reference Group at a Q&A session at the next meeting to be held at Kyneton Community and Learning Centre at 7 p.m. on Wednesday August 1st.

 Welcome pro bono advice for our draft constitution  from taxation lawyer and Macedon Ranges resident Nicole Rowan…thanks Nicole!

Steering Group Minutes: 17/7/2018

Present: Jan, Rob, Peter, Ridge

Apologies: Mary


    • A number of updates and changes made to rules document.
    • Extensive discussion around the rules document and where we are at with it. Rules document basically finished – still need some definitions and a process description for sortition.
    • Draft document to be distributed to TSRG on Friday – give steering group a chance to go through current draft and we are still waiting on some legal advice around the purpose section for charitable status.
    • Timeline for creation of the coop is very short – needs to happen before start of daffodil festival at end of August. Can’t do it immediately after festival as we will be in state election mode and it is likely that we will have to have the coop in place prior to the election.
    • Suggested date for formation meeting is Sunday 26th August at 2pm. We also want to have community information meeting and Q&A session on the coop on Sunday 19th.
  • Tasks:
    • Peter to investigate holding a TSRG meeting earlier than planned meeting on the 8th to confirm formation meeting fro coop and finalise rules.
    • Rob – will follow up on legal advice, sortition definition and process from Nivek Thompson, and structure of formation meeting from Antony.
    • Ridge to finalise and distribute rules draft on Friday. Will also contact May-Anne Thomas on following Monday.
    • Ridge and Peter attending a meeting with Geoff, Mary and Deb on Thursday with youth representatives from the Shire (Thanks to Geoff Barrett for organising this)
  • Meeting closed 9.30pm

Next meeting 7.30pm: Mary’s home.

Steering Committee

Here are the minutes from our last  meeting July 10th

Attendance: Peter, Rob, Ridge

Apologies: Mary, Jan


Sections 5 & 6 of the draft rules worked through and completed. Written contributions from Mary considered and included in discussion.

Still to do: Definitions, sortition process, other additions

Ridge to redraft and reformat. Distribute full draft document to TSRG and steering group. Rob to post draft to website. – Distribution by next Wednesday.

Next Meeting at Peter’s place

Agenda will include:

Finalisation of details of draft document so that it can be referred for verification and validation (includes definitions, charitable status, description of sortition process etc)

Where to from here? – timing for creation of cooperative, process to follow, etc.

Here are the minutes from the  meeting  held on 3/7/2018

Present: Rob, Jan, Mary, Ridge

Apologies: Peter

1. Discussion of and fixes applied to membership dues section.

2. Phone meeting with Antony to go through existing sections of the rules.

Discussion of what we have to do to achieve charitable status – may need to rephrase purpose in order to achieve this outcome. Probably require legal advice around this.

Could focus our current purpose statement into our vision and mission statement.

Charity categories on ACNC website: http://www.acnc.gov.au/ Worth checking recent charities that have been registered can check their DGR status using an ABN lookup.

Would want tax concession status at the very least. DGR status might be more flexible as is possible to partner with a DGR organisation.

It is possible to set up a trust that has DGR status.

Justice Connect can provide us with advice on this – takes time to set up a pro-bono service with this.

Primary activities – Antony likes them.

A number of changes and suggestions included around membership dues

Incubator.coop – can join for $25.00, provides advice and support for startup coops.

Need to see if we can find some local legal advice from someone who has experience in the charitable area.

3. We will work on Sections 5 & 6 next week.

4. Mary will follow up with FRRR. Rob will follow up with Justice Connect and a couple of other leads.

5. Next meeting Robs place at 6.30pm

6. Meeting finished 9.40pm

This post is to reassure you that your Town Square Steering Committee are still sweating away on drafting a constitution for community control of the old Baynton Street school site.

This week we delved into the size of the board, its appointment and its structure.

Here are the minutes from last night’s meeting
Minutes Steering Group 26/6/2018
Attendance, Peter, Mary, Jan, Rob Mark

Discussion surrounding role of the Vision document against the Primary Activities in the Rules statement. Need to consider whether one supersedes the other.

Sections 1 – 3 of rules – distribute to TSRG members and community via website for feedback and discussion

Worked through Section 4 (Board) of the Rules. Will reflect on these over the next week for (hopefully) finalisation to draft stage next week. Need to consider role and appointment of secretary, treasurer and minutes secretary.

The committee is considering recommending the appointment of two directors using a community wide sortition process. Use the link below to learn about the democratic advantages of sortition. The particular situation described in the podcast about an application in a school in Bolivia, has some obvious positive implications for the appointment of the board of the Co-Op.

The Town Square Reference Group meets tonight at Kyneton Community Learning Centre at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

The steering committee, which is putting together a draft constitution for the Co-Op meets on Tuesdays. The minutes from this weeks meeting below. Our session with Nivek Thompson from Deliberately Engaging was particularly useful. Listen to this podcast to glean an idea of how powerful sortition can be for engagement by individuals who would not normally become involved.   http://realdemocracynow.com.au/1-12/

Use the link below for many more interesting podcasts produced by  “Real Democracy”   http://realdemocracynow.com.au/podcast/podcasts/season-1-deliberative-mini-publics/

Steering Group Minutes:19/6/2018


Mary Hogarth, Peter Henderson, Jan McIver, Rob Bakes, Mark Ridgeway

Membership section worked through. Ridge to combine two documents into single document and email to steering group before next meeting.

Finance section completed. Draft to steering group next meeting.

Nivek Thompson from Deliberatively Engaging ran a session over Skype with the Steering Group on sortition.

Initial discussion on Board of Directors section – to be followed up next meeting.

Meeting closed 10.00pm

Steering Committee Meeting 12/6/2018

Attendance: Rob Bakes, Jan McIvor, Peter Henderson, Mary Hogarth, Mark Ridgeway

Mary Hogarth tabled a copy of the relevant Act.

Meeting to work on membership section of the Draft Rules.

Worked through the entire membership section. Steering group members will consider the final draft over the next week and finalise at the meeting next week. Once we are happy with it, the membership section of the rules will be sent out for wider comment.

Rob Bakes tabled some ideas regarding Board composition for future consideration once we reach the Board section of the rules.

Feedback has been provided on Vision and Mission statement from a number of individuals. Mary has included some of the items into a draft 2 of the statement. KTSRG will be discussing the draft vision further on Wednesday night.

Next meeting: Mary Hogarth’s

Meeting closed: 10.00pm



Kyneton Town Square Reference Group will hold an important public meeting in the Old Baynton Street Primary School on Sunday May 6th at 5 p.m. to hand over their petition, of over two thousand signatures, for tabling in parliament. The Liberal Party has now joined the Greens in giving wholehearted support for the “Save Our School” petition. The petition asks that the Old Baynton Street Primary School and the surrounding open space stays in public ownership under community control for community benefit and use. Amanda Miller, liberal candidate for Macedon in the upcoming State Election, has agreed to accept the petition on behalf of the leader of the opposition Matthew Guy, who will formally table the document in the Legislative assembly, on behalf of the people of Kyneton and District.
Rob Bakes, coordinator for Sunday’s public meeting said “This is a fabulous expression of support for our local community and their town square model. The model is described in detail in the KTSRG’s submission to the State Government’s consultation process and,of course, is consistent with the wording and the intent of the petition.The town square model is the only proposal put forward which allows for incorporated community management, while at the same time welcoming the inclusion of Windarring and Lost Trades. We all hope that the labor party will come onboard and make the town square proposal bipartisan policy ”.
Sunday’s public meeting will also appoint or elect a steering committee whose task will be, to write a draft constitution in preparation for the incorporation of a community-based management structure. Any Kyneton or District resident wishing to nominate for the five person committee, should contact the returning officer Alan Moor on 54222351 or mobile 0419542214. You will need to lodge your nomination before Friday May 4th. Alan is chair of the Kyneton Community and Learning Centre Board.
Mr. Bakes said,” We are really keen to attract families to this important event which could set up a bright future for the heart of Kyneton. The gathering is a celebration of grassroots democracy and the resilience of our local community. There will be activities for kids like face painting and magic carpet rides from 4.30 p.m. onwards. You are encouraged to bring a plate so we can socialise after the meeting. Everyone’s attendance at this event is important. Let’s learn from what happened with the old hospital and make absolutely sure there is not a sell-off of the school site…either now or some time in the future.”

New Video!!!!!

Monster Meeting and Kyneton Community Lunch:   https://vimeo.com/266186686

This event is particularly relevant to the creation of our Kyneton and District Town Square and the saving of the old primary school site for community benefit and use.

Shock…horror some might say!

The master plan for our Town Square is now up on the council website. Have a good look at this draft document and draw your own conclusions! We will be discussing all the ramifications at  the next reference group meeting is on Thursday March 22nd at Kyneton  Community and Learning Centre at 7 p.m.

We are keen to make everyone welcome at these meetings. Whether you are attending as an individual or representing a community group…the more the merrier!

This particular meeting is particularly important because of the release of the master plan . Does it line up with our aspirations for a Town Square?


Barry and dog Dougal

Use this link to listen to Barry Murphy and his dog Dougal explain the urgency of saving the Old Kyneton Primary School.
Dougal doesn’t say much but we have it on good  advice that he is very much on side with this important campaign!

  • Congratulations everyone! We have broken through the two thousand signature barrier for the Save our School petition. Hey its time to put the hard word on your family, friends, or neighbours if they haven’t signed yet. You can download and print the form at  http://kynetononline.org
  • We always seem to have a back log of admin work which needs doing, so anyone who can do some typing, call Rob on 54221808.

The Kyneton Town Square Petition count now has 1838 signatures. Let’s push on to 2000!

Here’s a link to the consultants report on the master plan for the Town Square.

http:// http://www.mrsc.vic.gov.au/About-Council/Our-Projects/Initiatives/Former-Kyneton-Primary-School-site-master-plan-project

  Here’s the video of Never Let It Go…. our campaign anthem.


The vison of the Town Square Reference Group  is that “The old Kyneton Primary School, and the surrounding town square be held in public ownership and primarily for public use”.